You have the power to help!

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have a special request to ask of you today. I have been talking to VFX professionals, artists, and animators who are not regular users of twitter or Facebook. Some don’t even have a twitter account. This means that our message to unite vfx workers to get vfx power is being bypassed or lost in voluminous social media posts and tweets. We need to use as many forms of communication as possible to reach everyone.

So here is how you can help today, tomorrow, all week long. It simple. Just take a moment on your breaks or after work to direct message or email a colleague no matter where they reside or work. Ask them if they know about the campaign. They may have questions and are reluctant to ask ‘out loud’ and you can help. Send the link to the page that Senior VFX artist Dave Rand coordinated. Send the 3.14 pi video that shows a way to get respect and dignity, achieve health and retirement benefits.  And be sure to remind your colleagues to do the same, direct message and email their friends about the campaign. You can help build the movement for vfxpower today!

#vfxunite +#vfxunion = #vfxpower


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