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Posted: May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Union organizers in British Columbia have limitations on the types of activities they can participate in when organizing a union at a workplace. The following is excerpted from the British Columbia Labour Code, Rights, Duties and Unfair Labour Practices:

7. Limitation on Activities of Trade Unions: Except with the employer’s consent, a trade unon or person acting on its behalf must not attempt, at the employer’s place of employment during working hours, to persuade an employee of the employer to join or not join a trade union.

This prevents organizers from contacting you in your workplace on company time whether by email or phone. However, we can talk with your before your work day, on your breaks, at lunch/dinner time and after work hours. You can contact us before your work day, on your breaks, at lunch/dinner time, and after work hours. You can discuss forming a union with your co-workers before your work day begins, during your breaks, at lunch/dinner time, or after work hours. However, you should never use your employers’ equipment for non work related activity; do not use their computers, telephones, printers, etc. to communicate about joining a union unless you have their permission to do so.

8. Right to Communicate: A person has the freedom to express his or her views on any matter, including matters relating to an employer, a trade union or the represenation of employees by a trade union , provided that the person does not use intimidation or coercion.

9. Coercion and intimidation prohibited.

You are free to talk and debate about joining a union with the union organizers and with your co-workers at anytime except for when you are working. Your employer and supervisors must not threaten you with loss of employment, demote you, discipline you, or discriminate against you for discussing, promoting, or joining a union. If you are experiencing intimidation and/or bullying in your work place because you want a union please contact us to discuss, just not during working hours 😉

We will be resuming union information sessions, time and place TBA. Alternatively, if you and your colleagues want to meet during your lunch hour, before or after work, or on the weekend let us know and we can make arrangements. Email or

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