Unite For Real Change

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hopelessness, futility, and apathy can be combated through strategic organizing. No one union leader or organizer can wave a magic wand and unionize a workplace. The YOUnion is YOU, VFX artists and technicians, who have come together to improve your working lives and professions. You believe collective action will empower you to better
your socioeconomic conditions, you also believe that it will better broader society now and for the future. You know that this will be hard work but you are committed to your cause and shared values.

The union is the united voice of the workers at each workplace. You, the artists and technicians are the YOUnion. You own your campaign and the union you are building. We, IATSE Local 891, are here to help you achieve your vision. We cannot make promises or guarantees however we can assist your cause to have your voice heard through collective bargaining. Achieving significant, long term, sustainable, and meaningful change to better your working lives is reliant on your level of organization and activism. Gaining power and respect is not a short-term strategy. You don’t want temporary fixes you want real change.

An integral part of achieving real change is the formation of a VFX inside organizing committee in your workplace.

What is an inside organizing committee?

The VFX inside committee is you, a group of committed artists and technicians, who have decided that to achieve real change on their working conditions and wages they want to form a union in their workplace. Each facility will require its own inside committee. The committee should be comprised of different occupations, a lighter, a compositor, a texturer, an animator, a coordinator, etc. An impediment to the formation of the committee is the transitory nature of the contract to contract nature of your work. However if there are enough artists that will come together and help each other it may not matter which facility you work at and a broader based campaign of activism and organizing can evolve. Initially starting with individual facilities will be more manageable. That critical group will determine the targets that can be achievable.

What does an inside organizing committee do?


– gather initial information about your employer to communicate to the IATSE 891 organizer(s)
– assemble names, locations of artists and technicians, and identify management types
– inform about potential issues and problems at the facility
– as the campaign gathers momentum you will help predict and report what your employer is strategizing and the tactics being used to stop the organizing
– prepare your co-workers for those employer actions
– provide daily information on the progress of the campaign
– help develop campaign material including the use of social media
– contact your co-workers personally and systematically
– help the organizer(s) plan phone calls, and public and private meetings
– listen carefully to co-workers’ questions and comments and decide how to respond
– answer co-workers’ questions and objections to forming a union
– educate co-workers about the advantages of forming a union
– educate co-workers about the law as it affects you and management
– keep careful and confidential records
– where necessary, prepare for the vote and get out the vote
– help plan the first membership meeting
– help prepare for bargaining the first contract

What makes a good inside committee member?


– believe in solidarity and that uniting VFX artists and technicians to collective action will bring dignity and respect into your workplace
– are trustworthy and have the ability to gain the confidence of your co-workers
– are a good communicator
– are patient
– are knowledgeable about your workplace
– are committed

What will IATSE Local 891 do?


– will meet with artists and technicians who want to form a union.
– prepare communications and information to be distributed by the union and the inside committee.
– track the progress of the campaign
– provide answers to your questions
– listen to your concerns
– work with you to devise strategies to counteract the employer’s anti union campaign.
– educate you about the law and how it affects you, management
– provide you with education on the advantages of forming a union.
– keep your work confidential.
– provide legal counsel when necessary.
– apply for certification of your workplace when the requisite threshold for application has been met,
– represent with legal counsel at the Labour Board.
– coordinate with you mobilization of the vote.
– upon a successful vote, we will help you prepare for first contract bargaining

Your actions today and tomorrow can Unite VFX Artists and Technicians and Achieve Real Change now and for the future!

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