VFX artists talk unionization on live chat

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Variety’s David S. Cohen will be moderating a live discussion panel with VFX artists Dave Rand, Scott Squires, Lee Stranahan, and Joe Harkins on the pros and cons of unionization this Thursday 10am PST:


  1. maple leaf eh says:

    From my understanding IATSE refused to participate in the discussion but yet its being promoted on this site. Its at least a good thing that you are making people aware of the discussion.
    Hiding in the dark, keeping quite and avoiding answering questions in these types of settings is hurting IATSE’s drive.

    It was mentioned during the chat that IATSE declined to be apart of the chat. No one wants a silent leader. How is IATSE supposed to stick up for artists, when it cant stick up for its self.

    • iatse891vfx says:

      This site is IATSE Local 891 in Vancouver, Canada. To be clear the discussion on David S Cohen’s live chat was Los Angeles based. IATSE Local 891 does not speak on behalf of the International, IATSE, however our readers follow the events south of the border and so the notice was posted. IATSE Local 891 is NOT in your words “Hiding in the dark, keeping quite and avoiding answering questions” for instance this blog exists, as does the website //vfx.iatse.com and a recent interview on CG Channel http://www.cgchannel.com/2011/04/qa-dusty-kelly-organizer-iatse-local-891/. For additional information please contact vfx@iatse.com

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