BCCFU Side Letter Intepretation Bulletin

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

The following British Columbia Council of Film Union’s (BCCFU) interpretation bulletin outlines which VFX employees are covered under Side Letter #12. It has been distributed to all Council signatory productions in British Columbia and the AMPTP.


  1. anonymous... says:

    Well (finally) THANK YOU for the clarity of position…now if only we “VFX employees hired by production” could be allowed to vote on whether we want your “help”, all would be well in the industry (whether the vote was yes or no).

    For VFX members (freelance worker hired by production) who have already voluntarily joined 891 or office VFX workers who just don’t know and might want to join but are being told by the US studio that they’re are not covered under IA, will showing this document to the PM and/or American VFX studio exec settle this issue once and for all (or more succinctly “is this a legally binding document” or “an opinion”?) because no VFX worker (coordinator, PA, previz artist etc) wants to get into a slap fight with a studio exec or studio legal council.

    I know you may think I’m a “union hating uber capatalist” but I’m asking this honest question on behalf of people I’ve hired or worked with (in the office) who have been told in no uncertain terms by studios and sometimes PM’s that IA891 doesn’t cover them so don’t bother joining.

    Now, onto the other so far unanswered question not pertaining to “vote issue” that many of are asking. What about the issue of Non VFX (non trained, no experience) IA891 workers claiming VFX status and way undercutting the going rates? Why are you allowing this? And also the tangental question of “match hires” for foreign VFX workers.

    We’re actually communicating here. Please continue…

  2. iatse891vfx says:

    IATSE Local 891 does not have a VFX seniority roster. IATSE 891 does not tell the employer who to hire. Employers/Producers are free to hire anyone they choose, first members and if there are no suitably qualified members, then a non member is permitted. There are no instances of VFX permit requests being denied that we are aware of. The Union cannot answer as to why the producer hired someone with no training or experience. To date, we have not received any complaints about job performance with respect to VFX hires.

    No one is permitted to undercut the base minimums of the collective agreement. The ability to negotiate over scale is available as has been exercised by VFX hires.

    Currently the Side Letter does not allow for “match hires” it would have to be achieved through collective bargaining. The current contract expires next year.

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