VFX artists, the worker bees of Vancouver’s booming digital sector, are looking for a raise — Geoff Meggs

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

VFX artists, the worker bees of Vancouver’s booming digital sector, are looking for a raise — Geoff Meggs.

  1. skaplan839 says:

    Great article! Good to see the local legislature standing behind the organization drive.

    Steve Kaplan
    Labor Organizer
    The Animation Guild, Local 839 IATSE

    • fakename says:

      I just don’t understand why we can’t get overtime? or health benefits?

      Just getting paid for our time is a brass ring for someone with years of experience.


  2. fixed bid says:

    An entry level wage of $27/hr is a bit high, it ranges from 9-16/hr. At least at the bigger facilities not sure about the smaller shops. I know most artists that have just graduated or have around 1-2 years of experience would be happy with $27. It’s great to see a member of the Vancouver City council getting involved.

    • Name says:

      I agree, I was paid $600/week for my first job ($15/hour). It took me roughly 1-2 years to get to around $27/hour.

  3. anonymous says:

    I’ll be hearing this week about a possible job offer in Vancouver, and with my experience $27 would be a raise in pay when compared to how much I work now. But it’s great to this move along and this issue taking recognition. Also I’ve read that it cost studious more to hire an employee than to have them on a contract.

  4. Canuckle says:

    Anonymous , good luck on your offer but really take into account the cost of living. $27 may be a jump for hour but where are you moving from?

    Also know that any OT pay won’t be coming your way until you have worked 60 hours in a week. That is BC law. You can negotiate that of course , as long as you know it going in.

    Have a look at this link before you sign anything.


  5. iatse891vfx says:

    Unions typically negotiate improved terms and conditions for their members than what is available to those same members as individuals under employment standards, this includes better overtime structure and benefits.

  6. Dingo says:

    Well, I suggest to get a job in a warehouse that offers benefits, and enjoy the $12/hour. Very convenient that the lopsided article mentions benefits in a warehouse, but fails to mention that warehouse pay is a lot lower than what junior artists earn out of the gate, and also fails to mention that very few warehouse jobs actually offer benefits.

    But hey, keep up the propaganda IATSE. All you’re doing is pushing work to Asia and eastern European companies.

  7. anonymous says:

    Vancouver is alot cheaper compared to where I currently live.

  8. vfxinsider says:

    I don’t believe that OT does not apply to artists working on film. That would be the worst example of labour code failing to protect workers.

    It just seems crazy.

    Why do some studios pay OT and other don’t? They ones that do claim they are strictly by the book.

  9. fixed bid says:

    Hey Dingo,

    Chances are if you are working in a warehouse, you haven’t spent about 40-50k of school tuition fees that you have to pay back. Also I’m sure their are more warehouse jobs that offer benefits than vfx facilities at the moment.

    If the film crews that work on Harry Potter or Tron receive benefits and overtime than why would a vfx artist settle for less while working on the same project?

  10. JHex says:

    I agree with the fact that $27 is too high for jr. entry. I’ve been doing vfx for years and still don’t make $27. Most places will pay by the job title and not the experience and they pay low. But I’ve never worked somewhere that doesn’t pay OT after 40hrs/week.

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